When Sistas Cry


Like Lady Day, Bessie Smith or me,

she sings, “Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine.”

It’s cuz, “I’m Waiting to Exhale”

in “The Temple of My Familiar.”


We’re “Daughters of the Dust”

who are “Possessing the Secrets of Joy”

as we contend with, “Disappearing Acts”

before “Jumping the Broom.”


So, like “Jazz”

life requires improvisation.

When “Under a Soprano Sky”

“Still I Rise”

It’s cuz, “You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down.”

and “I Shall Not Be Moved”

for “The Heart Of A Woman”

can heal the world

if you only listen to a Sista’s Song….


for SHE weeps the truth

longing to be told,

but heard only if

one listens clearly

when da Sista cries….

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