Black Woman

~~~ Sister…..Queen…..Soldier Black Woman your grace and radiance flowing so naturally about, projecting forceful, yet sensitive images that loudly shout of, BEAUTY. . .   Within your eyes a story is told. As you have grown old, has life made you cold? No! Now you’re still proud and bold, for your SOUL it is evident […]

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When Sistas Cry

~~~ Like Lady Day, Bessie Smith or me, she sings, “Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine.” It’s cuz, “I’m Waiting to Exhale” in “The Temple of My Familiar.”   We’re “Daughters of the Dust” who are “Possessing the Secrets of Joy” as we contend with, “Disappearing Acts” before “Jumping the Broom.”   So, like “Jazz” life […]

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