Black Woman



Black Woman

your grace and radiance flowing

so naturally about, projecting forceful,

yet sensitive images that loudly shout of,



Within your eyes a story is told.

As you have grown old, has life made you cold?

No! Now you’re still proud and bold,

for your SOUL it is evident you have not SOLD.

As a PEACEMAKER, elder and wise beyond the years you’ve seen,

your sunken eyes, they don’t tell lies

they hurt, but won’t shed tears.

Your honesty it knows no fears. . .


Like Madam CJ, Josephine Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer too

Mary Mc Cleod Bethune, why not YOU???

Believe in harmony, ultimately, like Black Women.

Black Women Sister Queen Soldiers like:

Queen Hatshepsut, Pharaoh of the NIle Valley in Kemet;

Sister Yaa Asantua, Chief of the Ashanti Empire in Ghana;

Queen N’Zingha, Leader of the people’s Army in Angola;

Mama Harriet Tubman, Navigator on the Underground Railroad;

Queen Nanny. Liberation Fighter for the Maroons in Jamaica;

Sister Maria Stewart, who said, “Knowledge is POWER!”;

Queen Ida B. Wells, Media Activist who spotlighted lynching in America;

Mama Amy Garvey, Wife of Marcus and co-Founder of the U.N.I.A.

Queen Mother Moore;

Mama Drusilla Dungee Houston;

Sister Nina Simone;

Mama Winnie Mandela;

Sister Angela Davis;

Congresswoman, Maxine Waters;

Mama Nikki Giovanni;

Sister Sonya Sanchez

Empress Verdece de Dungdamoundya

Doctor Frances Cress Welsing

and YOU, and YOU, and YOU

and YOU too…


Black Woman…..My Sister…..Queen Soldier.


by: Sufia Giza Amenwashu


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