Catch 22


On one hand

I’m applauded



Forging my own way

In life

In the face of stumbling blocks


Being able

To take care

Of self


Not relying

On anyone

Especially a man


Always giving credit

To God for

The grace, in making ends meet


On the other hand

I’m criticized

And disrespected


For being able

To decide

To bring the bacon and fry


Because I care

For self, I’m

Bossy and controlling


Because I rely

On self,

You think I don’t need you


The truth

Of the matter,

I need and want you!


I do, because

I have too

I’m virtuous


A sadder truth

Is if I didn’t do

I’d be accused


Of gold digging

Waiting on you

To provide my wants and needs


Indeed, A

Black woman’s life

Is catch 22


by: Billye R Hardy


About The Author: I have been writing poetry, songwriting and short stories since the 1990’s.  I have been a member of ASCAP since 1999. I’ve enjoyed having some of my music and poems performed by local Chicago Artist. My goal is to begin writing music on a larger scale as well as completing a few writing projects. I desire to become a published author within the near future.

Currently working on a screenplay and collection of poems and short stories.

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