A Crack In The Pedestal


We have white history, black history and American history,

We have European history, world history and all kinds of history

But it is only half of the story

What of herstory?


Herstory is of the mothers who bore us

Herstory is the breasts we suckled

Herstory is who dried our tears

Herstory is who was our first teacher


Herstory is being held on a pedestal

With chains forged by men

Herstory is who first found the strength to believe

While Peter denied and hid in fear


Herstory started the bus boycott

That made a Baptist minister famous

Herstory has no buildings and streets named in her honor

Herstory should be a national holiday called Rosa Parks Day


Ourstory is when women are no longer chattel

Ourstory is when veils no longer hide female faces from men

Ourstory is when mothers are valued more than warriors

Ourstory is when history is no longer writing herstory


by: A. E. Black  -02/24/11

About The Poet: A.E. Black is a poet, writer, and strong supporter of the arts.  He hails from Indiana and now lives in South Carolina with his beloved wife.  Al Bee as he’s known to most is the creator and host of “Mind Gravy Poetry Venue: Poems sliced thin drenched in gravy of dreams forgot.”  Mind Gravy is 2nd and 4th Wednesday at the Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery & Coffee Bar located on Knox Abbott drive approximately a mile from University of SC – Columbia campus.  Al features a poet and musical artist as well as an open mic session; interested artist can email him at albeemindgravy@gmail.com.

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