From The Editor – Issue 5 Volume 1


From the inception of the idea for this blog, I desired written contributions of others to be included.  Before this issue the main content for general articles and features were the thoughts of individuals other than myself.  I do not have a problem voicing my opinion or my ideas, however, I wanted to ensure that via this vehicle other opinions are shared.  As fate would have it, this issue will contain much of my voice with a sprinkling of others for flavoring.

During March designated as Women’s History Month the theme is ‘HER’ and just as the months prior  it is with a twist.  Looking at a topic directly can be boring and bland and that is one thing that I never want associated with ‘PaisleyPerspective’.  Therefore after reading this issue get some inspiration from the females in your world and write to submit content for the next issue.  My belief is that if we all contribute our voice ‘PaisleyPerspective’ can be its best.

This issue is filled with poems focused on women and articles that give an insight into my world.  Our successes and failures are often dictated by our state of mind, what we believe is possible or impossible.  Above all we are only as good as our own best selves, which is often determined by our life circumstances.  In the feature you will read about how sharing space with those who inspire can assist in propelling us to work and inspire others.  Before getting to the feature you will be given a feast of poetic verse from new and established voices.

Finally, I have indicated that this issue is primarily filled with my voice, which is not done by choice but necessity.  It is ultimately my goal to have submissions that will  fill the issue with other voices.  However, I will always be waiting and ready to give my own PaisleyPerspective, sharing my opinions and ideas.



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