From The Editor – Issue 2 Volume 1


Over the past week of this post there have been some unexpected incidents across the United States. There was a tragic shooting involving a member of Congress, her staff, supporters, and bystanders. There was a significant accumulation of snow across the nation, resulting in snow in 49 of 50 states. Yes there is even snow in the mountains of Hawaii, only Florida was not layered with snowflakes.

Unexpectedly many farmers like the snowfall because it sets up a blanket of moisture for future vegetation. As the snow melts it trickles down into the ground feeding dormant plants and seeds. In the South, snow is an unknown but even in the North there was too much snow. However, now in many Southern states the snow is melting away and up North it has been snowplowed off most major and secondary roads. Just like the snow helps bring future renewal so does writing and sharing our thoughts.

This issue continues the January theme of ‘Renewal’ in it you will find another healing blog by Mallori A. Scott. Oftentimes we bottle up negative past experiences that we really should examine. We are either afraid of peeling off the scab of old scars or don’t want to offend anyone. Mallori carefully peels away the scabs to finally allow air to heal her wound. Following Mallori’s blog is a a poem that looks at changing and being reborn. In addition, there is a blog about staying in for the Winter by Michelle J. Agnew. Just as bears hibernate for the Winter she does too, not only because of cold Chicago winds but to renew. And I provide a recipe for a dish that I made while treasure hunting in my kitchen cabinets.

There another poem that describes the effect of an unexpected snowy day in South Carolina by poet Jerlean S. Noble. Finally, I have included some photographs of the unexpected snowfall that blanketed South Carolina, which is still holding on under shady spots around the state. After reading this issue be sure to share your opinion & ideas via the comments section of the applicable postings.

Peace & Blessings


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