I’m so sick and tired, of being tired and sick

I want to see my way through this fog

But it’s dark and thick. . .

And I feel like my spirit is being weighed down by a ton of bricks.

I don’t want to buckle

When I’m feeling weak, I need to be strong

I need the fortitude to stand firm

And choose right over wrong.

I need God to deliver me, so I can belt out my redemption song

I need the strength to keep traveling this spiritual road when I’m weary, and it seems oh so long.

Because I know that somebody knows how it feels,

Each day to pray and pray

Asking Spirit for the same thing day after day

Begging for guidance and a strong will, so as not to stray

Pleading for determination, perseverance, and humility to guide you along the way.

I know someone is feeling me when I say I need to be a better woman,

And in my brother’s cases, a better man.

I know that for my life, the Creator has a specific game plan.

It’s taken a long time, but now I finally understand. . .

That I’m destined for great things, and I’m meant to be more than I am.

I know along my journey, feelings often got hurt

And too often I sold myself cheap, because I just didn’t recognize my worth.

At times I felt like I was buried six feet under the dirt

Because I was spiritually dead, but now it’s time to rise up, because it’s time for a spiritual rebirth.

So mother earth, spread your legs and birth me from your righteous womb.

I will no longer be a prisoner of my spiritual destruction and doom.

I’ve been freed from this dark and desolate tomb

To be remarried and share my life, with Enlightenment, as my groom

And together we’ll bring forth offspring, and call them, “Patience”, “Long-suffering”, “Understanding”, and “Wisdom.

They will be the fulfillment of the past, present, and things to come.

And all of my screams of despair will finally become. . .

A melodious song of praise, ever present on my tongue.

by:  Ital Noire


About The Poet: Suzette Francis, well known as Ital Noire (Natural Black) has been writing poetic works since she the age of 12.  She is also a Spoken Word artist who has performed at venues around the Carolinas; and sought after to perform at community events.   Suzette is the owner of IslandSavvy Creations including hand-made incenses, scented candles, lotions, body oils, and hair care products.

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