From The Editor – Issue 3 Volume 1


February is a month that is associated with a number of observances.  There is the remembrance of Black history past and present; remembering U.S. Presidents; and of course celebrating love.  Because I believe the greatest emotion is love, is the reason I have selected it as the theme for this month.  ‘Love’ can lift us out of deep despair and help us do extraordinary things.

There are different forms of love, we have love of family, of friends, Greek letter love, and physical love, but for all these to be possible we must have self love.  If we don’t love ourselves first than we can’t openly receive love or give it to others.  However, the foundation of self love comes from our childhood including what we witness as we become adults.  This issue contains two poems and blogs that focus on love between man and woman as well as love within a family, enough to keep a secret.  Also, if you have followed PaisleyPerspective since January 1, you will notice a slight difference in the layout.  This issue we making our feature post near the end, so keep reading and let us know what you think.

Along with love my foundation comes from the history of my ancestors.  I am very proud of my Black History and the inventions, intellectuals, civil rights workers, and the current progressive individuals in all shades from the lightest cream to the deepest mahogany shades.  President Obama is a current important contributor to American history but moreover Black history.  My cultural love will be revealed in the February 16 issue so make a note on your calendar.  Contributions are being accepted for the next issue with a focus around cultural love.  See the Submission Guidelines page for specific details.


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