From The Editor – Issue 6 Volume 1


Well, it looks like March is filled mostly with my voice, however, this issue features an article not written by me.  Mallori Scott is back with her insight on female friendship.  In addition, there are poems from my archives as well as a little bit about the women who have inspired me the most.

Women’s History Month should be a time to not only remember famous or historical women but those women who have touched our lives.  Who was your inspiration or shero?  Is there a teacher who took time to help you discover the art of poetry or science maybe there is a woman who baby sat you.

Possibly, you were raised by someone other than your mother who taught you what compassion means.  Whomever your shero, let her know if she is still living.  Life is to short to not find and thank those who made us the people we are today.


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