For Mommy…With Love


You gave me a childhood
filled with joy and laughter.
Silly giggles on somedays
Monty Python on most Saturdays.

Exploring the vastness of Chicago
with super-transfers in hand on Sundays;
we went everywhere discovering
what the city held for mother and child.

Early you taught me to seek knowledge
by surprising the social worker lady,
when asking about job training;
not merely taking the government dime.

You advanced upward because of curiosity
with a large dose of intelligence;
not afraid to learn and try new technology,
you showed how to thrive and succeed.

Even the strong have weaknesses;
for you it was a package with tabacco
filled death sticks, you stopped
when breathing began to hurt.

Doctors said you had no cancer
merely, COPD but I began to see
it became more difficult to live.
Blessed with time to love you,

I didn’t hesitate to tell you
that I adored and admired you;
and all that you did for me.
We had plans to explore some more.

Your heart decided it was time
for you to explore in heaven.
Now within my dreams I meet you
for silly laughter and Monty Python.

by: Joyce M. Rose-Harris © 2011


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