From The Editor – Issue 9 Volume 1


As much as we might want to think we have control, we are always reminded that the world we live in is ever changing.  On April 15, 2011 my mother breathed her last breath.  Because of our strong relationship and daily communication, I realized after not hearing from her something was definitely wrong.  Even though she has been deceased for less than a month, the love she instilled in me is holding me up.  There has been moments of extreme sorrow as well as anger but I am dealing with her death day by day.

This issue is a tribute to her memory, where there are a number of articles and poems written by me.  In response to a request for submissions, I have received an article and poem.  The article “Mother’s Day Grace” reflects on a mother who recently lost her son.  And a poem “Sometimes” where a son reflects on recently answering his mother’s request and going home for Easter.

In discussing the mother and child relationship there are those with a good connection and others who may be disconnected from their mother.  We all must do what is best for us and only we can know the background of our relationship.  For me the background was a strong mother-daughter bond where there was respect and understanding.  I miss the daily conversation with my mother but I now talk to her in my dreams.  Finally, I wish all mothers a beautiful and blessed Mother’s Day.


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