Gone Fishing


Gone Fishing

First and foremost, I must thank all of those who have stuck with me.  Especially, the followers that stop by to check for new posts.  I was in the process of posting the April 16th issue when my world changed.  And in honor of my mom I posted a tribute of blogs on May 8th Mother’s Day and Father’s Day got a blip with one post.

If this were a print magazine there is no way I could go hiding out like I have done.  I would be held accountable to staff and advertises to keep it together despite my mom’s and grandmom’s deaths and would need to carry on.  I very much want to continue the blog with the original format.  I am in the process of seeking additional contributors and thinking through the future of the blog, so again I thank you for your patience  as I find myself again.

The Author

In a few days I will celebrate my 45th birthday.  I often get surprised looks when I mention this because I look much younger than my age.  However, my body and life expereiences remind me that yes you are that old.  So as I seek to continue to make the future of PaisleyPerspective great, I ask you to send me your ideas.  What do you want to see more or less of on the page.  The idea formed out of the need to share ideas & opinions but not merely my own so I need your voices and opinions.

Because I need to hold myself accountable there will be a new post on July 16th.  I hope to include some video and more visual interest so stay tuned.

Peace & Blessings


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