Today, I looked at the calendar and realized it is the 16th of August. So I thought I should shake off cobwebs and write something for my blog. A blog is only as good as the written content contained within it’s pages.

As my work day is wrapping up I realized that I have been very abrupt most of day. The primary reason is that I relocated from one desk to another. This is due in part because of a new employee coming into our department. So like a toddler having to give up their crib to a new sibling, I went into brat mode.

Normally I don’t mind change, actually I often embrace new adventures. But today was not one of those instances. I’ve just pasted my five month mark and was happy in my prior location. Now I sit in a cubicle totally opposite of my prior cube making me feel a little out of sorts.

As I have previously written I am dealing with the death of my mother and grandmother. I have moved at a snails pace to make changes in my mom’s house. I know that this will not make her return but in my mind she is on a long vacation. Change is often hard to deal with especially the permanence of death.

So I’m curious how do you handle change? Am I the only one that gets in a huff if my world is turned a little askew? Honest I want to hear from you. Just write in the comment area.

2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Love this line! “So like a toddler having to give up their crib to a new sibling, I went into brat mode.” Yep, I can relate. I have trouble with change, too, even though it almost always ends up being for the best.

  2. What I know for sure: change changes and challenges – but it cannot unsteady a still and tranquil spirit. I learned this first hand as I’ve moved from Virginia to Chicago – and then back to Virginia. And as I’ve navigated in and out of relationships. And as I transitioned from one career to another to (oh the horror!) voluntary, and hopefully temporary, unemployment.

    But the one constant this year? My dedication to becoming a certified yoga instructor and deepening my practice as a yoga student. And to the pursuit and accomplishment of both, I owe God all the glory!

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