The shopping event ‘i love thrifting’ took place in West Columbia, SC as well as other locations around the United States including Baltimore, MD; Atlanta, GA and even Denver, CO.  Its creator Rashon Carraway is a rising design star in the area of home and men’s fashion who has appeared on the Nate Berkus Show.  He is also the founder of the blog ‘Mr. Goodwill Hunting’.  I asked one of his local organizers Jernell Simmons of the West Columbia, SC event a few questions to learn more about this fun and fabulous idea.

Paisley: How was the ‘i love thrifting’ concept derived and by whom?

ILT: It was created to celebrate the joys and wonder of thrifting.  The creator of the idea is Rashon Carraway (http://rashoncarraway.com).

Paisley: How many years and how often are ‘i love thrifting’ events held?

ILT: The event is once per year and this is our second year.

Paisely: How do you select the stores and how can an owner be a part of a future event?

ILT: We look at proximity and sections of cities/towns that have thrift stores, then we contact the owners to see if they would be interested in participating.  Interested stores in South Carolina can contact Jernell Simmons (803) 575-0524 or Shanika Pickney (803) 447-2713 of Self Created – Lifestyle PR and Event Planning (www.selfcreatedpr.com) as well as via email at marketing@selfcreatedpr.com .

Paisley: When is the next ‘i love thrifting’ event?

ILT: The 2013 date is still being confirmed, usually we provide the date three months in advance.  Be sure to check out Rashon’s blog for updates or hit him up on Twitter (@MrGWHunting), he is very responsive.


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