Saturday Thrifting With Friends


I am the first to admit that I love to shop but above all I am always looking for a good deal.  I do not necessarily want to find a cheap item but I specifically look for well made merchandise at a good price.  From time to time, I have wondered into a consignment shop and found a piece of clothing or jewelry including one of my favorite skirts.  As a child my mother and I would visit the local Salvation Army or Goodwill stores looking for books not because it was hip but as a necessity to a tight budget.  Most often, I shop retail big chain stores looking for deals, however yesterday while participating in an event titled ‘i love thrifting’ my eyes were opened.  Some of the best deals around town are hidden in plain view at local thrift and vintage stores.

With a sisterfriend and newfound shopping buddies I rummaged around three top-notch thrift and vintage stores.  We started at Thrift Avenue located at 1078 Sunset Blvd in West Columbia, SC; a store with a connecting warehouse packed with good deals that fit everybody’s taste and budget.  The bookworm in me found a collection of Charles Schultz books, while another thriftier found a functioning Olympus 35mm SLR camera for $20 in leather case with lens intact.  There were also purchases of household items including a table lamp.  Excitedly we checked in on Facebook uploading photos and tweeting being sure to include the #ilovethrifting hash tag.

Our next stop took us about a mile away to Tri-City Pickers Thrift Store located at 633 12th St. also in West Columbia where there was a galore of furniture and household items.  By the way the theme of this years event was home furnishings. However, there was not a lot of furniture purchased at our second stop but household items such as a crystal punch bowl with cups was bought by a happy thrifter.  In addition, there was a lot of jewelry including a funky 70’s style banana necklace that I am certain will be worn & loved by a fun fashionista.

The third and final stop on the thrifting tour was The Atomic Owl located at 505 12th Street in West Columbia.  Entering through the doors, where you were greeted by shopkeeper Nelson put you into a retro type of mind.  From the records (yes you remember they are pressed out of vinyl) to the kitchen table with royal blue chairs there was something for everyone.  Especially a very comfortable upholstered chair and side table combination that I think I have seen on episodes of “I Dream of Jeannie”.  The best deal purchased here was yet again not furniture but a vintage Audrey Hepburn styled hat red with a white band.

I am forever inspired and motivated by my adventure into the thrifty retro world of resale shops.  Nothing compares to well made merchandise that has stood the test of time and even circled back to become stylish yet again.  But lets admit does good design ever really go out of style, I think not.  So the next time you are looking for a good deal try your local thrift store or vintage shop.  These businesses are usually locally owned and the money goes back into the community.  And organizations like Goodwill help to train and employee the unemployed.

I know you are curious about the ‘i love thrifting’ event and when and where the next one will take place, so read the next blog to learn more about this unique and fun event but first check out some photos below.

Local Co-Organizer J. Simmons
Some Goodies at Thrift Avenue
Vintage Pyrex Bowl at Tri-City Pickers
Throwback Party Planning at The Atomic Owl
The Top Banana from Tri-City Pickers


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