life equals IZMS OF art


Wednesday, July 11th during intense rainstorms outside was no match for the opening reception for Izms of Art visual art & photography exhibit titled “life equals IZMS OF art”. The exhibit is on display at 701 Whaley Street in Columbia, SC in the “Hallway Communityart Gallery” until July 31st. The exhibit includes an eclectic mix of photography and paintings but not like your everyday oil canvasses. The reception was an art opening re-mixed with music spun by DJ B and stellar vocalist Venecia.

The exhibit includes still photography taken by a keen eye, which pulls you into each captured moment.  Moving along the walls of the unique hall gallery you come across colorful works of mixed media.  There are scenes of DJs spinning and moments of adult leisure depicted with oil, marker, as well as spray can.  This is definitely not your momma’s art exhibit, well not unless your momma is Tahirah Spann who herself is an artist as well as helping ensure the business side of things are in order.  Staying on task she quickly advised me “that all artwork is priced to sell, so if you see something you really like it can be yours.”

As found on their website ( Izms of Art is a southeast-based artist cooperative whose members and affiliates strive to push the boundaries of expression. Through the fusion of creative genres – visual art, graphic design, tattooing, and music production, Izms of Art is your direct link to quality creative products and services.  You can also find them on Facebook.

Here is some of what you will find in the exhibit as well as their billboard located on Hampton St. and Gervais St. near downtown Columbia, SC.


Guest Viewing & Mingling


The Web by Dalvin “Mustafa” Spann, 2012


BRRR! by Victor Garcia, 2012


Beyond The Veil by Dalvin “Mustafa” Spann, 2012


Wiseman 1 by Jarrett “Un” Jenkins, 2012


Venecia – Local Vocal & Visual Artist


Izms of Art Billboard – Columiba, SC


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