PaisleyPerspective Supports President Obama


President Barack Obama  (United States)

Way back in February of 2007, I took the time to research and learn the issues important to each of the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for the 2008 United States Presidential Election.  I remember thinking that the candidate I would most likely support was Senator Hillary Clinton.  However the result of my research lead me to supporting Senator Barack Obama.  Quite simply then Senator Obama’s campaign website clearly stated his agenda and what we felt about civil rights, women’s issues, the economy, and the environment; the top issues important to me.  Senator Clinton’s website was a lot of fluff and didn’t contain the substance that I was seeking.  We all know the campaign got very ugly when it turned out a little known Senator from Illinois was definitely in the lead to become the Democratic Parties nominee and then the next President.  To this day, there are still those who are bitter about the outcome of Obama being selected over Clinton.

I stand today, still proud and supportive of President Obama and his administration.  Nothing in life is perfect and efforts to reboot the economy are still being done but with that said, it is a reality that a President doesn’t have all power, as many may believe.  Yes he is one of the primary leaders of the free world as well as one of the main people who helps to set the course of the country; however, it also takes efforts of the Congress to set legislation in place to help the country.  Within the Obama Administration there have been a significant amount of accomplishments outside of Healthcare Reform, Wall Street Reform and other front-page agenda items such as reversal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Over the next months leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election I will focus on the accomplishments of President Obama.  So with that said this blogger and blog hold heartedly support the re-election of President Obama.

Over the past fours years the President has been given the title of an elitist, however, a few years prior to being elected as President, he and First Lady Michelle Obama paid student loans like most college educated Americans.  The Obama’s if asked prior to moving to the White House could tell you how much their power bill was and knew how much a gallon of milk cost.  I do not believe that former Gov. Romney has a pulse on what average citizens deal with each day.  Nor does his wife have any idea how much a gallon of milk cost.  Lets be real the Romney’s are high-end millionaires if not billionaires with offshore accounts.  And this money was made not by building up American companies but in part by outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries.  Even if Romney did step down from Bain Capital (which I doubt) he benefited as an investor of the unemployment of our fellow Americans.

I Am A Community Organizer

Regardless of your political beliefs it is important to research the candidates.  With the use of the Internet it is easier to track and find out information about a candidate.  This is a new world of campaigning where you cannot hide your dirty laundry or offshore accounts.  President Obama’s record has been tracked by a number of non-partisan websites and PaisleyPerspective will take the time and effort to combine and bring you the accomplishments of the Obama Administration.  As stated earlier we endorse and believe that the President should be re-elected.  I choose the former Community Organizer over the former Corporate Raider any day.


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