Music Review: It Gleams


This June It Gleams the latest album by Kid Static dropped. Last October, PaisleyPerspective interviewed KS and learned about plans for this new project. We were provided a hint of what was to come but remained mum until it went public. Now it’s here. We’ve given it a listen and decided to share our favorite five tracks. You can purchase It Gleams from iTunes or go to to find out how to get your hands on the CD.

Courtesy of Kid Static

From the minute I popped my autographed CD into my car player (call me old school) I knew that I was in for a treat and I was not disappointed. Track one Moonlight had me bobbing my head to the beats that are categorized as rap but have a more eclectic feel. A unique remix of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata with electric keyboard accompanied by bass and drums reverberate the rich sound of the original. Moonlight pulls you into what will be a journey for ears, body, and feet. Check out the video below.

Track three Orange Crush like one of its background repeat lines is fun. This song will have you up and on the dance floor. Even though closer to the rap sound this track has deep bass and synthesizer sounds that give you a nostalgic feel. Just like orange crush soda you want to have another…listen or two. I can see this track being expanded into a long dance mix.

Courtesy of Kid Static

Track Five Breaking Down breaks away from the earlier tracks and takes you down a rockier path so to speak. With a clear rock inspired sound this song will have you up and fist pumping. From the drum intro we clearly know Kid Static is definitely not stuck to only one genre of music.

Track Eight Boxing Day a title that may make you think of the day following Christmas or a drag out argument between boyfriend and girlfriend. This track has a rap beat with the lyrical intelligence that Kid Static is known for putting in his music. Though the lyrics are rap based the background sounds are woven with an undercurrent of violin.

Courtesy of Kid Static

Track Eleven Keep In Touch has a clear hip hop sound with a blend of R&B beats this is a nice end to the journey through a album identified as rap but containing a mix of genres. Like track three this song will have you dancing. You might as well keep this CD on repeat because you will want to listen again….a few more times.


4 thoughts on “Music Review: It Gleams

  1. The second listen is always revealing. I like when the listener admits to missing at least one thing and finds more than one thing the second time around. This is exactly what happened to me when I put It Gleams on repeat. Although I had heard several tracks before the CD dropped, they were new and ‘gleamed’ on this the third Kid Staic solo effort. Your Secret Lies is a revealing account of today’s dating scene and rocks from the beginning. Glare is my favorite with it’s infectious hook. I imagine it speaking to the nightlife of performers who live by day, but yearn for what happens when the sun goes down and the streetlights illuminate. Yes, Orange Crush bounces and Boxing Day is heartfelt and lyrical genius. The twists and turns of the lyrics paint a picture of verbal sparring between two who love so much and hurt hard when the relationship is painfully over. I love It Gleams almost as much as I love Kid Statics last solo effort “Hypnotized” available for download on But, the rawness of It Gleams introduces me to an artist that more than ever is one of my own family ….of musical stars.

  2. I liked your review of Kid Static’s latest CD. I have listened to several tracks and enjoyed the music as well as the lyrics. I look forward to more music from this eclectic artist. I feel as if I have known Kid Static all of his life…he feels just like a brother to me.

  3. Cruised over to iTunes after reading your review for a preview. First run thru, I eargasmed on “T-Shirts and Sneakers” and “Get Dirty”. Beats and sounds stutter-start, multi-layer, and mash up musical genres – what I’ve come to expect of a good hip hop. The lyrics are raw, true, at times whimsical, and so authentic.

    But to make me part w/ my hard earned $9.99, I gotta groove to at least 5 songs on an album before I buy it. So I gave it a 2nd listen – and was like, how did I miss this jam this first time?! Your body so fluid/you should be measured in ounces – luv that lyric from “Orange Crush”! “Rocks and Toothpicks” lyrics keeps doing it, doing it, and doing it well – while keeping the beat rock steady. Honestly, I don’t know what “Glare” (tack 6) is all about. But that beat hypnotizes.

    It’s clear that Kid Static understands the rap game. He’s definitely giving the people what they need. Looking forward to what he has to say on the next album.

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