From The Beginning Of Time…


From the beginning of time there has been disobedience by human-beings.  We learn from the Holy Bible that Adam and Eve were both disobedient; they ate of the tree of knowledge against God’s instructions to Adam.  This act of disobedience banished them from the Garden of Eden.  They would forever have a life that would include toil and pain.  Cain the son of Adam and Eve committed the first murder, killing his own brother in a fit of jealously.

Today, I write this reflecting on the fact that a 52 year old man was arrested for the abduction of a 15 year old girl.  Initial information provided by authorities show Gabbiee Swainson was taken by force from her home in the early hours of Saturday, August 18th.  There are other pieces to the picture that are missing but over time will come together for full picture.

When I was younger I did not believe in the death penalty.  I believed that all individuals could be rehabilitated.  However, I am in my 40’s and have seen more than enough in life to sway me a little away from that belief.  However as a Christian, I am taught to let God be the ultimate judge and jury, therefore I should not wish death upon anyone.  Yet, I think of what seems to be a calculated effort that went into the abduction of Gabbiee and I think maybe the death penalty is needed. I try to ignore the angel sitting on my shoulder that whispers “what about those who are innocent and sitting in a prison cell?”

I realize there are no easy answers because even for what seems to be clear cases of guilt there is a possibility of innocence.  However, it seems that this case is straight-forward.  In addition it is speculated that there may have been another person abducted by the accused.

I send up prayers for Gabbie’s family.  I cannot imagine how her mother feels during this ordeal.  Something of this magnitude changes you forever.  For parents of young people don’t allow fear to rule your actions.  We must remember that from the beginning of time there are human-beings who do bad, evil, and hateful things to other human-beings.  However, we must believe that light came first and light washes away the darkness.  My belief is the greater good shall always prevail.


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