Prelude to 2012 Democratic National Convention


In exactly one week the opening gavel of the 2012 Democratic National Convention will call the convention to order.  PaisleyPerspective will have access on the floor when I attend the convention as a National Delegate representing South Carolina.  This is a unique opportunity for me and approximately 5,000 citizens of the United States and its territories.  Individuals of all demographics will come together to set the Democratic Party’s platform for the next four years as well as most importantly nominating the President and Vice President as our candidates for this years Presidential Election.

Though the conventions official start is not until September 4th delegates will begin to arrive on Saturday and Sunday; and will attend delegate welcome parties.  The South Carolina delegation will meet with students of Winthrop University and other colleges from across the state to discuss the process that lead them to being a delegate.  On Monday, Labor Day there will be fun festival CarolinaFest that is open to family, friends, and the general public.  But then on Tuesday the work of delegates will begin.

The process for becoming a National Delegate may vary some slightly from each state but largely impart it is the same process in all the state democratic parties.  Within South Carolina the process usually begins in January with statewide precinct meetings in each county.  It proceeds with county conventions that lead to the state convention where delegates like myself run hard and heavy to be elected as a National Delegate.

During a quick trip up to Charlotte this past Sunday, I was able to do a quick visit to the Charlotte Convention Center as well as walk around the streets that will be jam packed next week.  Below are some pre-convention photos that I took.  Stop by on Sunday, when I PaisleyPerspective will bring you live blogs and tweets from the 2012 Democratic National Convention in the Queen City.


Near the Charlotte Convention Center


Charlotte Convention Center


Inside Charlotte Convention Center


Fountain Outside of Convention


NASCAR Hall of Fame


View Outside of Convention Center


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