Happy Birthday Daddy!


It is not easy when a parent dies. Make it two deceased parents and even as an adult we can feel like an orphan. Today would have been my dad’s 76th birthday. My dad loved his birthday which is how I learned to love mine. In June for Father’s Day, I reflected on his life. Today, I honor him by continuing to be the person he taught me to be.


My dad helped instill in me self-confidence. He did not believe in men abusing women and taught me how to defend myself at an early age. I learned how to cook in part from my dad as well as how to make it through tough times. I also learned what not to do when stressed by life.

As stated earlier I will honor my dad by continuing to be me. Staying socially and politically aware and being involved in the arts. Cooking a hearty pot of chili and turning up the stereo. Or getting a stack of my favorite books and re-reading them. Overall enjoying life each and every day that I have breath honors my dad best.


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