Family Matters

This is not a post about the 90’s show with the nerdy kid named Steve. This is a post talking about family and specifically those who are no longer living. My parents are both deceased and I think about them often. However, I recently was thinking about an aunt named Dorothy. She was actually my […]

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Rule Number One, From My Mom

My mother’s number one rule was always treat people with respect.  Her advice is reflective of the golden rule that can be found in many cultures and religions.  Treating others as you wish to be treated is something said by mothers in all parts of the planet.  China, India, Africa, England, Canada, Mexico, the United […]

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My mom died today.  Well actually today is the anniversary of her death.  It has been a few years now.  It has been enough years where the deep ache in my chest and gut has dulled but still enough to be noticed.  Yet no matter how many years pass, I will miss her.  She was […]


Happy Birthday Daddy!

~~~ It is not easy when a parent dies. Make it two deceased parents and even as an adult we can feel like an orphan. Today would have been my dad’s 76th birthday. My dad loved his birthday which is how I learned to love mine. In June for Father’s Day, I reflected on his […]

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