Family Matters

This is not a post about the 90’s show with the nerdy kid named Steve. This is a post talking about family and specifically those who are no longer living. My parents are both deceased and I think about them often. However, I recently was thinking about an aunt named Dorothy. She was actually my grandmother’s sister on my dad’s side of the family. So she would be my great or some would call grand aunt.

Aunt Dorothy was that cool aunt. She had children but had never married. When I was a teenager I asked her “why she never married” and she joked saying “I never wanted the husband just the kids.” Aunt Dorothy was somewhat of a trailblazer becoming one of the first Black librarians in Chicago. She was an inspiration of what could be done if you were persistent.

In addition to being cool she was great at spoiling her younger nieces like my cousin and I. She would take us shopping or buy us really cool toys. I enjoyed hanging out with her because she was a proud woman who had a presence. She walked with great pride in her strides. I imagine she did have fear but I never saw it. I learned how to cook from her and she also taught my dad.

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States and this is what has me thinking about family. I miss so many people who’ve passed on. And because of our geographical location my husband and I aren’t around a lot of family. But I hold in my heart all the love bestowed on me by my family and it carries me through times that are a little sad. I encourage everyone to enjoy your family while you have them. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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