In Memory of Mom


My Mom
My Mom

Mother’s Day weekend is tough for me. When my mom was living, I would enjoy showering her with gifts this weekend. However, I didn’t wait until Mother’s Day to tell her I loved her or to treat her to dinner. Each month I would do something nice or maybe deposit a little surprise in her bank account. My mom was a good, kind, and loving person. She sacrificed for me when I was growing up and I believed it was the right thing to do, showing her that I appreciated all she had done for me.

This will be the third Mother’s Day without my mom. I decided that rather than focusing on being sad, I would honor her memory with an act of kindness and charity. Through my Facebook page I created an event titled ‘In Memory of Mom’. The idea behind it is for people whose moms have passed, to honor their mom’s memory by donating to their mom’s favorite charity, group, or organization during the Mother’s Day weekend. I will be donating to the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and one of my sister-friends is donating to the American Stroke Association in memory of her mom.

It is normal to miss our loved ones and especially our mom during significant holidays. But if we are blessed to have been loved by a beautiful mother we must envelope sorrow in happy memories. If you are like me honor your mom’s memory by helping someone else. And if your mother is living show her love this weekend and always. Finally to all the mom’s out there I wish you a blessed and beautiful Mother’s Day.


Little Wooden Box


Encased in velvet lined pine,

memories lay dormant

coming to life when held;

sparking remembrances of laughter,

love and spankings for touching

treasures now left behind.


Silver ladybug no longer keeps time,

dangling from a tarnished chain

it’s priceless in mournful hands. Rings

once worn to announce engagements,

weddings and anniversaries clink

together seeking a finger to encircle.


Precious metals bring comfort

held against cheek. Carefully placing back

in box cherished mementos, a daughter’s

tears still fall, forming reflecting pool

puddles, remembering a mother’s vessel

that has long ago set its soul free.


by: Joyce M. Rose-Harris © 2013


2 thoughts on “In Memory of Mom

  1. I think you have come up with an excellent way to honor Mothers that have passed away. Contributing to your Mom’s favorite charity is truly a wonderful idea. I hope it is an idea that will catch on for future Mother’s Days.

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