Hair: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


People with bone straight hair want wavy or curly hair. People with curly or wavy hair want bone straight hair. Recently, I cut off my dreadlocs. There are other known ways to remove dreads or locs as sometimes called but I decided to cut mine. I let them grow out a little allowing for new growth and untwisted hair. I cut just below the new growth and after cutting approximately 95 locs I had a tinsy winsy afro (twa). Initially after cutting my locs I thought “WHAT HAVE I DONE!”  I calmed down after doing a good shampoo and deep conditioning my hair. This was until I took the mirror to check the thin area where I had increasing hair loss. My mirror revealed what I had noticed for some time there was scalp clearly visible.

Vanity peeked out taunting me and saying you looked better with the dreadlocs. Nobody is going to like you with short hair. But most of all what will Eric say? I had done my loc cutting late on a Friday and my husband had already gone to bed. I decided if in the morning, I still thought that I looked hideous, I would visit the wig shops near my house. Well, it has now been one month and I still haven’t been to a wig shop.

My New Look
My New Look

The Saturday morning after my big loc chop, my husband and I awoke together. We sat in bed talking and then he finally said, “okay let’s see it.”  I was hesitant to reveal my new look, mainly because my hair texture when dry has shrinkage (natural hair aficionados understand). I timidly pulled off my sleep cap and waited. After a little bit of time my husband said, “I like it.  It’s cute.” I breathed a sigh of relief not one to really care what others think, I did want my husband to at least like my new look. We both joked that he would have to get regular haircuts until I grew out my hair, so he wouldn’t have longer hair than me.

Before going on this new journey, I had done research. Just as I had done before I decided on dreadlocs a little over seven years ago. The most useful information I found is ironically called the LOC method. Liquid usually leave in conditioner, oil from bottle or spray, and cream to seal in moisture.  I was armed with a naturally made leave in conditioner and oil by my friend and former loc lady of Island Savvy Creations.  And after additional research purchased Taliah Waajid curly curl cream, which is amazing and provides excellent curl definition to my 4b/c hair. In doing the full LOC method that first Saturday morning, I had no additional regrets about cutting my dreadlocs.

I am happy to say that my edges which had prior thinning from braids as well as my thin area are both showing hair growth. I am being patient and using hair follicle oil and a temple balm product by Dr. Miracle. I believe that keeping my hair moisture content high and using the follicle stimulating formulas, I will be just fine. It seems a little funny to use the term natural hair, however in the African American community there is an obsession with processed/relaxed hair, weaves/extensions or even wigs full and semi coverage. So in this the 21at century to some it is like running through the streets naked to go with our God given chemically unaltered hair.  A tinsy winsy afro isn’t for everybody but if you give it a try you might too be set free.


3 thoughts on “Hair: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  1. You do look amazing. Your article made me recall my own Big Chop decades ago. I recall the reactions of those who were less than thrilled about my decision. I wrote a piece about it, the Cult of Golden Hot Comb. You are blessed to have a supporting husband and life partner. There are so many women that don’t get that reassurance from loved ones. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a good article. I never even thought about my hair when I went natural about 8 years ago. I went to the Egyptian shop to blow it out further damaging the hair that was left after perms. I wish I had researched before I did anything. I went natural on my own. After several $100s of dollars and hair loss, I have found a routine that stimulated growth. I don’t care about length, I care about health.

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