Food Angels


Food Angels
Food Angels

When I was a child my mom told me to always be kind to people, especially service workers.  People who worked in the kitchens and did janitorial work she said would always be helpful.  From time to time to make extra money she would do some light housework for a friend.  Her belief was that honest work was noble work.  Interestingly enough though, she made sure I understood the only job I had was to get good grades in school.

My mom’s advise paid off in college.  While attending University of Illinois at Chicago on a very tight budget, I never went hungry.  There was one particular lady named Theresa who usually worked in the InnerCircle in the Italian food area.  She had an uncanny way of knowing when I had only $2.00.  Many times I would get way more food then my $2.00 worth.  During the one time when I was flat broke, while leaving class I found a brand new crisp $20.00 bill.  I arrived to the food counter to find that Theresa was  on vacation for a week.  My faith in the good of people and the glory of God was solidified in that one moment.

Today, I gave a tangerine to a co-worker just because.  He usually brought fruit to work but today he had not.  I didn’t realize that he didn’t have any fruit, I just thought it would be nice to share.  When I went to lunch, I realized that much like Theresa I had a food angel.  The portion of food I received today allowed me to split my food into two portions.  I now have lunch for tomorrow.

Each month I give to various charities one in particular to help feed children.  Being kind to people that make an honest living was instilled in me by my mom.  In addition it is the right thing to do.  Life is precious we should always be kind to each other.


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