Girls Around The World


BringBackOurGirlsEvery girl on this planet  that we inhabit should be afforded the right to an education.  Every girl should be able to feel safe and not live in fear of being hurt or taken from their family.  A little over one and half weeks ago the news of 270 Nigerian girls, abducted from their school began to spread across social media.  But the news was not escalated to high priority status.

Facebook posts were read then re-posted along with re-tweets on Twitter.   However, what did those of us here in the United States do to escalate this issue?  Did we write or call our Senators or Congressperson?  Did we write letters to the editor or did we just say what a sad story?

Today it was reported that more Nigerian girls have been abducted by Boko Haram militants.  Finally today, the United States has sent a force of military, intelligence and law enforcement to assist in finding the abducted girls.  When a disaster whether natural or man-made occurs we as a human race respond quickly and show immediate empathy.

So again, I wonder why did it take so long for the news of these girls to escalate in the news?  A Malaysian plane disappears and there is constant coverage but 270 girls are taken and we barely blink.

During this digital age we should be better able to reduce or stop occurrences of human trafficking.  We must be more diligent about the safety of our girls worldwide who are being taken and abused at increasingly alarming rates.

For our daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins, and future mothers we must be aware and help to give voice to this plight.  To get more information about the campaign to find the abducted Nigerian girls follow the “Bring Back Our Girls” Facebook page.  On the page there is information of what you can do to help.


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