Mother’s Day Musings


Mother's Day 2014Mother’s Day use to be one of my of my favorite days, until 2011.  This is the year that my mom passed.  I still had my grandmother to be with and love; however, not having my mom that first Mother’s Day was and is still painful.  My grandmother passed a few weeks after Mother’s Day 2011, so then I truly felt like a motherless child.

My husband’s mother passed in 1993, so he too feels pangs of loss during this holiday that celebrates mothers.  We attend church regularly but today we decided to remain home.  We regularly let the mother figures in our lives know they are appreciated but this particular day still brings a bevy of emotions.

Last year I set up a Facebook page titled “In Memory of Mom”.  The purpose is to honor our mother’s memories by donating to their favorite charities.  Or donating to a cause for which they were passionate.   I didn’t promote the page this year but I do encourage those whose mother’s have passed to donate in their mother’s memory.

During this day, I am grateful for the woman from whose womb I came.  My mother was kind and loving with an awesome sense of humor.  I believe my love of art came from her and my penchant for discovering new places.  So today I choose not to be to sad but be blessed that I was loved.

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day?  Do you approach this day with trepidation or with happiness?


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