When The Funny Ends


Nanoo NanooToday, I learned that actor and comedian Robin Williams died by apparent suicide.  It may seem odd that I am posting something about his death but there are those celeberties that impact you in unexpected ways.  I adored the late Maya Angelou and have posted about the late President Nelson Mandela when he was living.  But today hearing that someone whom, I have followed since the early 1970’s took their own life just knocked the wind out me.

A friend posted on Facebook that clinical depression can be as deadly as cancer.  I have seen this to be true in Hollywood and with every day regular people.  This past weekend, I had a long discussion with someone who fights every day with mental illness.  I pray that Robin Williams is now at peace.  I also pray for the healing of his family and friends.  It is truly a sad day indeed.

Finally to all those who suffer with depression or any mental illness I pray you peace of mind and heart.


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