On The Radio Waves


This past Saturday, I was afforded the opportunity to give my liberal opinion on a local radio program.  In a few years I will approach the half century birthday milestone and have been reflecting on my purpose in life. My belief is as humans we should always seek to be better people and evolve in our thinking.

The Point Talk RadioMy journey to becoming a part of a diverse panel on the radio program Evolve with Tzima at 95.9FM & 1470AM The Point also accessed via tzima.net is something I’ve only whispered in my prayers. To be exact my desire has been to get an opportunity in radio broadcasting.  When I was asked to be the liberal voice, I immediately said yes. Later I began to wonder had I made the right decision and if I was prepared for such an awesome opportunity and responsibility.

The panelist in addition to myself includes a conservative and a libertarian.  We were only told we would discuss current events. With this general information I began reading any and every newspaper and website I could find. Politics, foreign affairs, immigration reform, marriage equality, and education were my focus reading.  In addition brainstorming with my fellow liberal friends and associates.

When Saturday arrived I had nervous excitement thinking about what the evening show would entail. The first question posed by the host was our opinion of President Obama and his work thus far. I responded first and stated that overall the president was doing a good job even with the numerous obstacles in his path. And I sat amazed as the other panelist generally agreed with me only adding some additional comments.

Responding to callers comments and questions made for an interesting and insightful three hours. Mixed in to the show was lead in and lead out music. With the guidance of our host Tzima time passed by quickly. At the end we decided this was a good idea and should occur monthly, more details to come about the next date.

Saturday’s you can listen to Evolve with Tzima at 95.9FM & 1470AM 9pm to midnight on The Point in Columbia, SC or via tzima.net on the web and call in to (803) 799-TALK.  Every person should seek to be informed about local, state, and federal events. Even when we have  differences of opinion, open discussion is important as we continue to evolve. I hope to hear your opinion next month.  Until then let me know what issues or current events are important to you?


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