Love Begets Love


I have become that adult who says, “I remember when times were better back in the day.” That term ‘back in the day’ is relative because to some their youth may have been filled with struggles, fear and sadness. Watching the news it seems like the youth of today are surrounded by struggle, fear and sadness.

Love Begets LoveStudents living in nations abroad are being kidnapped from their families or fleeing war torn nations. Here on the North American continent there are children showing up in the tens of thousands at the Mexican and U.S. borders. Still one of the biggest tragedies is the shooting of African-American males by vigilantes and law enforcement; in addition increase of gang related shootings in cities like Chicago end the lives of many just on the edge of doing better.

Most recently in Ferguson, Missouri outside of St. Louis an unarmed young man Michael Brown was killed by a police officer. Reports indicate that Michael was shot aggressively with his hand raised in the air.  Even if he was attempting to get away from the police officer the multiple bullets shot we in excess of what was needed to stop one person.   According to multiple witnesses with he raised his arms in the air and declared that he was unarmed but was shot dead, senselessly.

A young man set to attend college and trying to beat the odds was shot dead by a police officer. There is dual agreement that Michael Brown was unarmed, which is one reason why this shooting is so very tragic. Around the U.S. a developed nation, incidents of excessive police force mostly against African-American male youth is present in many U.S. cities. Currently in Ferguson, Missouri protesters angry, frustrated, and feeling hopeless seeking honest answers were faced by riot police earlier in the week.

Wednesday night police in Ferguson, Missouri were using excessive force along with tear gas that caused more tension among protesters. Reporters were assaulted not by protesters but by the police. Even military officers have stated that the force by local police was excessive. Thursday by leadership of the Missouri governor the law enforcement has been turned over to state police. Across the U.S. non-violent protest rallies have shown individuals holding their arms raised with #PleaseDon’tShoot included in the photos.  In addition, statements by President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder seemed to have helped calm protesters and let them know they are not alone.

I don’t know the ultimate answer to reverse the damage and frustration or anger and fear toward law officials. What I do believe is that violence only begets more violence. It takes sitting down at one table with an agenda of healing to bring healing. Most importantly it takes admitting that things need to change in order to bring change. A change in the law enforcement handling the protesters is a startt.  Finally, it takes respect of all races to become a better human race.


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