First Days

Tear streaked faces with runny noses along with convulsive crying are a constant on the first day of school for many parents of five year olds.  Parents don’t fear it will be okay, I know you’re nervous.  Oh you thought I was talking about the children…well they too have their moments.  However most often it […]

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Heatstroke…Is No Joke!

On average 38 children die from being left in unattended hot vehicles each year.  In 2014, there were 32 deaths due to children being left in hot vehicles.  As of July 20th of this year there have been 10 reported deaths of children associated with being left in unattended vehicles.* Last year, my husband and […]

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Love Begets Love

~~~ I have become that adult who says, “I remember when times were better back in the day.” That term ‘back in the day’ is relative because to some their youth may have been filled with struggles, fear and sadness. Watching the news it seems like the youth of today are surrounded by struggle, fear […]

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It’s Only A Dream…

~~~ When I was a small child old, I had a recurring dream.  The dream could have been considered a nightmare, however, early on my mom helped to squash my fear and anxiety.  My dream involved a witch wearing all black with the typical pointy black hat; she lived in a big black kettle that […]

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