Heatstroke…Is No Joke!

On average 38 children die from being left in unattended hot vehicles each year.  In 2014, there were 32 deaths due to children being left in hot vehicles.  As of July 20th of this year there have been 10 reported deaths of children associated with being left in unattended vehicles.*

road-safety-kids-in-hot-cars_rdax_443x249Last year, my husband and I had the honor and responsibility for caring for my niece on a hot day in June.  It didn’t matter what small stops we had to make she was taken out of her carseat if we had to run into a store, even for a minute.  In response to the “I keep the car running, when I run into the store.” I ask this question, what happens when the vehicle unexpectedly stops running?  It happens.  You run into the store with car running and get into a long line or conversation then return to a lifeless and helpless body.

If this sounds drastic, if I sound like I am trying to scare you then you would be correct.  Leaving a child or an animal or elderly person in a vehicle unattended is not acceptable.  A child even as old as 6 years of age may not be able to exit the vehicle before being overcome by heat.

We all have a lot on our minds.  However take a minute to always check the back seat or seats.  They are your children or responsibility. Don’t hope that someone else will account for them getting out of the car.  When you are returning home from vacation or at the end of the day be sure everyone has exited the vehicle.  And if you have to make a stop then please by all means take the time and effort to take in your child.  In addition guess what if your home is air conditioned, your pet would probably like to remain indoors.

Finally, there is no excuse for leaving anyone who isn’t able to care for themselves in a hot car even for second while you run inside the convenience store, dry cleaners or wherever.  Our planet is getting warmer every year not cooler so it is imperative that you get out of your head and pay attention to those who depend on you.

Please always play it safe…children depend on you to protect them.

*Source: kidsandcars.org


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