PaisleyPerspective Turns 4Today is the 4th Anniversary for, which was launched 1/1/11 at 1:11am.  There have been a number of life events that have been documented over the years within the blog. During the recent past months, events around the lack of indictments for law enforcement officers responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown Jr. in Ferguson, MO and Eric Gardner in Staten Island, NY reportedly due to excessive force have been forefront in the news.  However, there are instances of human injustice around the planet that involve other groups including children, women, and the LGBT community that too should be made known.  Freshly back from The Watering Hole 2nd Annual Poet’s Retreat (read more here) I am continually encouraged to give human injustice a voice on this blog.

I am a believer in the power of the U.S. political process, the record low voter turnout in U.S. 2014 Elections was disappointing.  There are many U.S. citizens who do not believe voting makes a difference but the power of the numbers have been proven.  Look back to 2008 and 2012 the election of the first African American U.S. President, Barack H. Obama proved the power of minority communities including women. In addition to the political process, I believe overall activism of citizens can bring about positive and lasting change.

It is important for each person to be present in their own existence.  We all know the quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Ultimately what it means to me is to not wait for others to make your immediate and the world as a whole better but to step up and out to make a difference.

Finally, I want to thank you whether this is your first time or hundredth time stopping by  My goal during this the 4th year of PaisleyPerspective is to continue to share my heart and passions with you and keep you coming back for more.  Starting in 2015, video commentary and interviews will be incorporated in print blog posts.  And if you have blogs, commentary, poetry or photography to share check out the Submissions Guidelines.


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