Greater Than My Fear

Screw FearI am greater than my fear. I am greater than my fear.  I am greater than my fear.  I could say fears but there actually is only one ultimate fear…failing or failure.  This is not who I was when I was a child.  I had wide opened ambitions. I wanted to attend West Point not for any particular reason; I just knew it was one of the best institutes for higher learning.  I did not know that in the 1980’s they did not admit females.  There were other ambitions like skydiving and mountain climbing that I desired to accomplish.  However somewhere over time as an adult fears rolled away the ambitions.

I have been able to get around the boulder called fear for some accomplishments.  This blog is major for me to share my insights and thoughts as well as poetry.  Overcoming my fear of public speaking is a huge accomplishment.  But still lingering in my mind, I am held back from finishing a major goal I have set for myself.  And it is simply due to fear of not getting it right.

While on Facebook, while ignoring my to do list, I read a post of a former high school classmate.  She had posted as photo of her hearing devices.  Due to a disease she lost all her hearing.  With the aid of cochlear implants and technology she can communicate.  She is a producer and director so you can imagine the importance of her hearing.  It was a simple statement where se wrote, “she knew she wasn’t going to stop working so she had to get the implants.”  I thought this woman had to deal with hearing loss and is still living her passion.

I have heard of others having an epiphany but I never fully understood what it meant.  I now understand.  It is almost like an out of body experience.  You feel as though you are renewed and you have a clear vision of who are meant to be.  In my case I am breaking the bonds of fear.  As a Christian, I believe in the power of God.  But I also believe in the scripture that states:

“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.”                       James 2:26 (NIV)

We have to put effort into that which we desire, not merely just want it put in the work to attain our goals.

I have never felt this determined before but it is amazing what a hearing impaired friend can do.  She can make you see your own potential.  So I am moving forward and kicking fears butt.  I am greater than my fear and there are no more excuses.


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One thought on “Greater Than My Fear

  1. Inspiring and motivating blog post. I too have been called to awaken my wide open ambitions. Either live out your purpose or slowly wither on the vine.

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