Festering Wounds

No Violence - Know PeaceUnjustified deaths of African American citizens by the hands of law enforcement are one catalyst for recent rage in the U.S.  This week via social media discussions, I have advised that I am opposed to the violence recently displayed in Baltimore.  With that said, I understand the frustration, the anger, and other root causes to the rage.  Poverty, inadequate schools, racism, and classism are some of the festering wounds that cover numerous urban and rural areas populated by blacks.  Many have given their opinions to my comments, some in agreement, some against or not understanding my sentiments.

Specifically, I used the analogy of “animalistic behavior” regarding destructive incidents in Baltimore, which was given push back.  When one acts like or displays certain behavior it does not mean that person has become that particular thing.  For example, to act like a birdbrain doesn’t mean you are unintelligent; it mostly means you’ve temporarily displayed unintelligent behavior.  In this era of compressed news, we often compress thought as well.  In addition, focus on one word and not reflecting on full content or statements in context can lead to misunderstanding.

This blog is my platform for my opinions.  Its purpose was for sharing opinions and ideas.  The purpose is still the same and has not changed.  I am open to other opinions and ideas but mine is there are always better recourse than violence.

I believe in order for festering wounds to be given adequate attention a conversation needs to be started.  I am currently reading “Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?” written by Dr. King.  In the introduction of the book the riots in Watts are mentioned.  The young men involved believed they had won because finally they were seen and the nation was paying attention.

My question now, very much like what Dr. King discussed is now what?  When attention is placed on you and on the disenfranchised areas of this nation as well as the initial catalyst, what is the strategic plan?  Yes, it seems obvious specifically African Americans are seeking opportunity through fare wages, better schools and housing.  These are in addition to respect of black life by law enforcement.

I wish I knew the ultimate solution to heal festering wounds.  I wish there was a clear and perfect answer or agenda that could be outlined and followed.  Fifty years after Selma we are still asking many of the same questions in the black communities.  Even with black leaders in the highest national positions, elected and appointed, this nation has similar issues.  Yet, I stand firm in the belief that violent acts are not the answer, primarily because violence detracts from the root cause or causes of festering wounds.


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