From The Editor – Issue 3 Volume 5

from_the_editor_2February is the month of love in addition it is the month when African American (Black) history is celebrated in the United States.  Red, white, and pink teddy bears are lining store shelves along with heart shaped boxes of chocolates.  Card aisles are over flowing with valentine cards and boxes of cards for children to give to class mates.  Teacher’s curriculums include special lessons for teaching Black History.

In the February 1st posts on PaisleyPerspective the subjects include the 2016 Black History theme, which is “Hallowed Grounds”.  There are those who question the purpose of Black History month and whether it is relevant.  A country primarily built with the labor of enslaved Africans is still healing.  Contributions of the descendants of those stole to work in this nation are great.  The sites of much history needs to be remembered.  The history of the United States is very much intertwined with Black History; February helps to highlight a history that might otherwise be lost.

Growing up in a two parent household, I had an opportunity to see how a couple works through their obstacles.  No love is perfect but there are characteristics of a positive loving relationship.  I share my insights about what makes for a solid relationship in “Good Love”.  Shockingly, I learned last year of a friend who dealt with over 40 years of domestic abuse.  I will share her story in an interview “Tainted Love”.  Finally leading into the interview is a poem, “Calling” related to the subject of domestic violence.

I am always looking for other voices than my own to share on PaisleyPerspective.  Check out the Submissions Guideline page for how to add your voice.


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