Between The Lines

Standing strong by staying seated

to help right wrongs.

Walked for miles until their feet

were tender and torn.


Praying and singing hand

in hand seeking justice.

Needing to be seen as people

not just colored.


Marching in the day getting

showered by hoses.

Not cowering in the night covered

in crisp white.


Blessings of angels tending

to the left and right.

Our ancestors paved a path

of hope and determination.


They talked with pride

and walked with dignity.

Each and every stride carried

with it generations to come.


The future now exists as todays

youth of the 21st century.

They don’t know the fear

of dogs chasing them in the night.


Don’t understand the effect

and decay of white flight.

Elder generation you must tell them

what textbooks hide between the lines.


First published Feb. 16, 2011 on

(c) 2007 by Joyce M. Rose-Harris


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