From The Editor – Issue 4 Volume 5

from_the_editor_2Here in the United States we are in the beginning of Presidential Primary season.  This is the time when major political party’s supporters specifically associated with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, vote to determine the General Election nominee for their respective political parties.  The duration of the Presidential primary processes has expanded for all political parties.  I reside in South Carolina where our primaries are February 20th for Republicans and February 27th for Democrats.

For full disclosure let me advise that I am deeply rooted in the Democratic party.  I serve on the South Carolina Democratic Women’s Council dedicated to educating women about being more active in the process.  My family has voted Democrat since the changing of ideology early during the Civil Rights movement.

I have a very strong belief that voting is important.  In Voting Matters”, I speak about the importance of voting as well as why I vote.  There are so many reasons for casting your ballot but above all it should be about ensuring the community in which you live meets your everyday needs.  This post will later be following about what should happen after you vote.

During an opportunity in October 2007, I was asked to do a poem as part of the check filing by the South Carolina Obama ’08 campaign.  Originally the title of Between The Lines” started out as Ballot Boxes.  The right to vote was not afforded to everyone at least the right to vote without intimidation and fear.  It was a hard fought victory for this right that is often hidden in textbooks, hence the name.

Earlier I indicated I am a Democrat.  Early in the Presidential primary season I made the decision to support former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  In 2008,  I was an early and strong supporter of then US Senator Barack Obama for various reasons.  I will save the blog post “Why I Support HRC” to speak to my reasons for supporting her as my 2016 candidate of choice.

Democracy allows for selection via the voting process of elected officials during various voting cycles.  It is imperative that you are part of the process.  The following three posts for February 16th I hope will inspire you to be part of the process.  Finally, in 2014 for every 100 people 60 people allowed 40 people to select there elected officials.  That means 60 people were not part of the decision making process regarding who would govern them as well as create local or federal laws.  Your vote is your voice, don’t stay silent.


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