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This weekend my intent was to focus on the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Within the christian community this is the holiest of holidays. It is the time when the promise of Jesus saving the world through his crucifixion, death and then resurrection is celebrated. However, my attention has been distracted.

Bombings in Brussels have taken me to a place of wondering why are people so intolerant? Do those doing this devastation honestly believe this is the best and only way to get their message heard? There has to be a better way to speak your mind and your agenda then the death of others. This goes across vast areas (organizations & governments) and is to deep to delve into now.

Yesterday my concentration was broken regarding the recent terrorists attacks and celebrating Christ’s resurrection. I received a post on my Facebook page that had a link to an article about the support Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is receiving from Black women. The article was interesting but most interesting was the fact my face is in the photo used with the Associated Press (AP) news story. In the photo it is a friend, myself and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about to take a selfie of us.

Today, I learned that the same photograph and story is also in my local statewide newspaper. I am sure it is also in other newspapers or other sites that run AP news stories. I am mostly annoyed by this photo not because I disagree with the story content. My annoyance is because I did not give permission for my image to be used and hence wonder why this photo was published. However, I then realize there are photos of celebrities (I am not one) taken without permission and used every day in much less flattering ways.

I am going to voice my discontent with the use of my image via a letter to the editor of The State Newspaper. However, I know that my rant will probably be for naught, since as stated if you are present during a significant news moment your image may be captured and used. I have learned from this experience to be wary of the person with the super lensed camera.


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