The Path of Totality

Once in a lifetime events don’t land at your front door every year.  A total solar eclipse occurs approximately every 18 months somewhere around the globe.  Today various cities in South Carolina were in the direct path of totality.  The path of totality is where an eclipse is at 100% coverage.

There are a number of friends that held events today.  I decided to attend an eclipse viewing party of a friend who enjoys meteorology and astronomy.  He had a number of friends over for what turned into an amazing afternoon.

Prior to the beginning of the eclipse, wearing our verified certified glasses we looked at the sun.  Never having looked directly at the sun it was amazing to see the orange glow.  No one looked for a long period but just enough every so often.

One of the most notable changes was within the hot & humid temperatures.  We physically felt the lowering of the temperature during the start of the eclipse.  On a regular basis we donned our glasses and would look to see the moon passing in front of the path of the sun.  During the time right before totality with glasses you could view, the diamond ring and the effect of Bailey’s beads.

Leading up to the eclipse including the transition of temperature and shadow were awe inspiring.  However, the start of the moment was when you were able to remove your eclipse glasses and view one of the most amazing moments in the universe.  Seeing the total eclipse and the corona effect from the sun was a WOW moment for all watching.  In addition looking to the left we were able to view the planet Venus…for a few minutes I felt like a little kid.

Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs, you cannot ignore the amazing moment today when the moon passed in the path of the sun.  Where I stood I had 2 minutes and 36 seconds to view the total eclipse.  It seems just as amazing as when the eclipse began it ended with the sun taking back her reign again.  Tonight is a new moon and earlier today that moon showed she too demands respect.  Thank you moon, thank you sun, and thank you amazing universe.

Check out the photos taken by party host Chris McCurry using solar filters and a Pringle’s potato chip can to capture the historic moments throughout the day.

Fun & Festive Food for a Solar Event! Photo credit: J. Rose-Harris
Camera is set to go! Photo credit: J. Rose-Harris
Ready to see the sun and the moon kiss! Photo Credit: J. Rose-Harris
The beginning… Photo credit: C. McCurry
Almost at totality! Photo credit: C. McCurry
Diamond ring and Bailey’s beads. Photo credit: C. McCurry
WOW! The corona glow! Photo credit: C. McCurry
A proud moment! Photo credit: J. Rose-Harris


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