Life is Fragile

While remnants of Hurricane Irma bring a rainy and windy day to South Carolina. I think back to 2001. That year on this date my 92 year old grandfather had successful surgery to remove a sub dermal hematoma (blood cot) from his brain. While sitting in his hospital room my hubby & I watched in horror the attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, & potentially the White House.
I also thought about one of my oldest friendships and it being my sister-friend’s birthday. Her special day was forever changed. This happens when hideous things occur on any special day but September 11, 2001 was not a normal day.
Also on that day was my mom’s last day working at O’Hare airport. She left work and stopped at my grandmother’s to take a nap as usual. She awoke to a world changed. Her former co-workers wouldn’t return back to work for weeks and then it was a whole different world.
Life can change in an instant. It can be by the hands of humans or by natural disasters. Today I think of the number of hurricanes and earthquakes and think some of it is due to human’s arrogance. We all need to respect the planet because she is speaking loudly & boldly. May all who read this remember to hug & tell someone you love them today. Tomorrow is never promised.
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