Musings of an Optimistic Mind

I’m writing this in my car.  I have never felt more alive or excited about writing…well at least not recently.  The blog PaisleyPerspective came about during a life transition 7 years ago.  A change in employment led to more free time and opportunity.  Experience gained editing a political blog stirred up my desire to write on broader topics.

However, PaisleyPerspective didn’t get the love from me it deserved.  I have not nurtured it or given it my all.  I treat it like a step-child, using it from time to time to spout opinions about various matters when I felt up to it.  And the page stats reflect my lack of passion.

Well this past week I’ve decided it’s time to let it shine.  And to allow PaisleyPerspective to be what its meant to be.  A blog with answers about life.  Through all its various phases and rebirths, I danced around what I wanted for this blog.  It’s purpose has always been to ponder life’s answers.  But it also was intended for an optimist to give her opinions.  My optimistic spirit was ultimately tested when my mother died, shortly after starting this blog.

What was created from a bag of lemons turned into sour grapes.  I did the research and worked on setting up my page while spending time with my mom & grandmother.  So their deaths (my grandmother’s 6 weeks after my mom) left me shattered.  During the time of coping with the loss of two amazing family members, I still focused on what I had with them not so much what I had lost.

On January 1st, PaisleyPerspective will celebrate 7 years.  Seven is God’s number and represents completion in some cultures.  I’ve decided for the blog to remain viable and purposeful I must be consistent and focused.  My goal is to provide optimistic content about the answers the universe gives us.

I don’t profess to be an expert on life or on optimism.  I do know that living for over a half-century and being inspired by intriguing people I have something to offer this world.  I’ve known since I was 9 years old that I had a talent for writing.  I hesitated to venture into it as a profession but now have an economical way to share my musings.  I have a message and a way of looking at life that may bring light to someone.  And if I can bring light by giving an optimistic (and realistic) perspective than I think it’s a good thing.

In addition to a commitment to focus, I believe it’s time for a page renovation.  So be on the look out for a new page design and more consistent content as PaisleyPerspective, provides musings of an optimistic mind.


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