I’m an Optimist, Not a Pollyanna

Seeing a glass half full has always been my viewpoint.  I seek to see the bigger picture and the positive spin on situations.  However, I also see the reality in situations.  For example visiting my hometown of Chicago, I see the despair in the eyes of the homeless.  I see the pollution, the crowds, and the news stories about violent crimes & gun violence.  Ignoring the things that are not necessarily positive would be insensitive.

Opening our eyes to the things around us that are not perfect keeps us grounded in reality.  Allows us to be a benefit to reach out to help and provide solutions to the despair we may encounter.  Simply stated an optimist sees solutions in most situations.  Where a pollyanna unrealistically sees good in everything.  Even when there is not good to be seen in the moment.

Optimists do get weighed down by life but their core helps get them over obstacles that come their way.  They see outside of the situation or think about what is next.  Or how they can change the circumstances of what ever the condition/situation they are facing.  Again, someone with a pollyanna mindset sees the incident as not as bad or having a positive spin.  Pollyanna’s don’t think about the fact that there are not rainbows and silver linings in horrific events.

The new direction of PaisleyPerspective.com corresponds with what blog posts have previously been written.  I’ve always taken to giving a positive spin on situations.  Or rather on looking beyond a crisis to what can be done to change the outcome.  I see the need for more positive messages as well as a realistic response to various situations in my life and in the news.  I’ve been asked often “what keeps me so positive?” or told that “you have an uplifting spirit.”  The response to this is not any one thing and it is mostly due to a lifetime of living.  And within that life there have been obstacles, trials & tribulations that have in the end made me the optimist that I am.

Finally, I know that our core personality often dictates our approach to the world and its crises.  Yet even those who may appear to have every material thing they need have trouble being happy sometimes.  Our circumstances do indeed impact our viewpoints but our DNA is also a part of how we are hard wired.  The people and items we surround ourselves with I believe have the greatest impact on how we handle life.  Still even optimists sometime get in a funky mood.  Embrace the positive in each day and what it brings but know it is okay to scream, cry and be mad at life.


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