There is so much I can write about.  And I have been writing, mostly in my journals but writing none the less.  Getting my words into the Paisley Perspective blog has been the issue.  Just as each new year begins I am so determined to give followers up to date content on a regular basis but then I fizzle out.  I can blame it on life but life has enough blamed on it.  Me not making blog posts should not be one of the things for which life should be accused.

Okay so what have I been doing since January?  The answer is living and being happy for the most part.  Opening my arms and my mind to the path that I asked God to lead me down.  June of last year I was laid off from my job.  Prior to the layoff I prayed and asked God for the opportunity to work doing something for which I have passion.  My preference was for employment in a non-profit or the political arena.  It could also be in government but it had to be an area in which I had the ability and passion.

Fast forward to almost 10 months later…yep 10 months and I am doing what I love.  I must admit there is still growth for increased income flow.  And yes that was part of my prayer too but I am happy.  I am active within an organization that helps provide digital strategy and technology to non-profits and political campaigns.  It is called Action Agents (pretty cool name huh?); we help the world be a little bit better. You can check us out here.

The last two weeks I have assisted with implementing website pages for a congressional campaign that is based in Pennsylvania and generate a 2nd year anniversary email for nationwide organization focused on increasing voter participation.  Both with a focus on progressive and liberal agenda (just if you were wondering.)  It has been pretty amazing and a little surreal to be paid for things in which I have a strong belief.

Initially this email was going to be a reflection on my mom.  Not on missing her since she has died but on what she left me. By left me I am referring to positive personality attributes such as kindness, humility and faith.  Anyone who has followed my blog knows I was very close to my mom and her passing back in 2011 greatly impacted me.  However, I realize that my mom was a believer in living life and not constantly looking back.  Take from the past what you need to be better in the future this was her belief.

Life is tough there are rocks thrown at us.  Sometimes we dodge the rocks and other times we get knocked on our butts by them.  Like all struggles if they don’t kill us then we can regroup and continue to move forward.  I know there is much more blessing to come my way.  God is giving me what I asked for but in a more unique manner than I expected.  My current journey is filled with unexpected turns and outcomes.  But what would life be without a rock or two for us to dodge?


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