Sowing and Reaping

This week my mind is whirling around a few things.  I am still thinking about the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle who are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  It is so interesting how in one instant our lives can change.  Well it seems that changes occur in an instant but most times there are past actions taken that lead to current occurrences.  Had either Harry or Meghan declined the blind date idea by a friend they may never have met.  They may have eventually met through some other form but going on a blind date set the course to where they are today.

This coming June 1st it will be two years ago when I received the opportunity via written invitation to visit the White House.  The event was the National Medal awarded to Museums and Library Institutions.  The moment when I was standing on stage in the East Room with then First Lady Michelle Obama and then Executive Director Karen Brosius of the Columbia Museum Art occurred because of actions I’ve taken as far back as my childhood.  My grandmother would always say “the Holy Bible tells us you reap what you sow.”  It wasn’t until recently that I fully understood what that meant.

For the last few months what I sowed years ago in volunteering and not seeking a particular reward except to be an activist in the political process I am reaping.  Looking at anyone who is successful in their careers it didn’t occur over night.  It was from efforts made in the past from which they are now benefit.  You all know that I am an optimist so of course I am looking at this from a positive angle.  However, the same is true for negative aspects of our lives.

When we don’t put in the work things can and do fall apart.  This is something I have to remind myself.  When you are given opportunity and blessings remember how they came to you.  Don’t blow opportunity that comes your way.  It is easy sometimes to get lazy and not give the 110% that you did way back.  You may want to take a break and that is fine but don’t forget that it takes effort on our own part to make successes.

Finally, I am a woman of faith but I believe that faith without work is indeed dead.  Meaning you have to do your part.  After you have done your part then know when to step back, then allow God and the universe to take it from there.  Life is not perfect it takes energy to make your world go around.  Look at what you are doing today and it will give you an insight into what your tomorrow will hold. The person who you helped outside your office building or in the grocery store last week, may be someone you is part of your blessings tomorrow.


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