Royal Wedding Watch

I have a confession. Well maybe not a confession but a fact; I am old enough to remember Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding. It was the same year as Luke & Laura’s wedding. If none of what I just wrote sparks a memory well then start googling.

Fast forward to the 21st century where the son’s of the late Princess Diana better known as “The People’s Princess” are fully grown adults. With a solid foundation from their mother they have a strong footing in being royal celebrities. These two terms don’t always go together because every person of royal heritage doesn’t have the caliber of celebrity that some British Royals have attained.

Prince William the more serious of the two sons always seemed to do what was right and honorable. If he did get into mischief it was efficiently handled by Buckingham Palace. However, the younger Prince Harry was a little more free in his behavior, possibly it was because he wasn’t the immediate heir to the throne. We have since learned that both son’s grieved their mother’s death in different ways. Prince Harry holding onto grief and it being converted into anger. Once he opened up to the tragedy he faced with his mother’s death his healing began and so did his maturity.

Now we around the globe get to witness another British Royal Wedding. And not merely one where a distant member of the royals marries into the fold. This was partly the case with Kate Middleton now Duchess of Cambridge. On Saturday, 19th of May in the year of 2018 a divorced multi-racial, former actress from across the pond is to marry a Prince. Talk about a fairytale wedding and one that most little girls have dreamed about. As an African-American woman this makes me excited and wanting this marriage to succeed in addition to having adored Princess Diana.

I have never been up early to watch any past royal weddings, opting to catch highlights later. But like I did in 1997 for a sadder event, the funeral of Princess Diana I will be awake for the happier event the wedding of her youngest child Prince Harry to Meghan Markle a woman with an African American mother and Caucasian father from the United States of America. Seeing this future Princess’s transformation has been a unique experience. Princess Diana a former kindergarten teacher had to quit her day job but being of royal heritage had some idea of the family she was marrying into. For Meghan this is entry into a new world.

I believe that Princess Diana would approve of the independent way both Prince William and Prince Harry have lived their lives. Even with some of the stunts done by her younger son. It seems that he is healing well and ready to live up to expectations put upon him by his royal birth. And I believe that Meghan is ready to embrace her greatest role that of Princess. I wish them both a beautiful happily ever after.


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