Beauty through the Lens of Jim Benson

First impressions are just that, your first impression of someone or something.  It is basically impossible to not have a first impression but what is important is to not always hold on to that impression.  I met Jim Benson in a continuing eduction class at our local technical college.  Jim is a big guy but I soon learned he has a kind spirit.  Through conversations he advised that he was a photographer or as he put it “he took photos”.  Upon seeing his work I was impressed by the composition and unexpected subject matter.

When asked if I could share some of his work, he provided me with a jump drive of over 150 photographs.  I have attempted to pull what I think are a few of the best images but there are so many that are truly inspiring and beautiful.  A brief bio of Jim follows the images. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  Please share comments below.

My Kind of Town

Navy Pier - Chicago
Lighthouse off Navy Pier in Chicago (c) Jim Benson, 2018
View of Chicago from Navy Pier
Chicago View from Navy Pier (c) Jim Benson Photography, 2018
Navy Pier Merry Go Round
Navy Pier – Chicago Merry-go-Round (c) Jim Benson Photography, 2018

A Little Look at Paradise

A Look at Paradise, Hawaii (c) Jim Benson Photography, 2017
Paradise Is Real
More Looks at Paradise (c) Jim Benson Photography, 2017
Hawaiian Sunset
Breathtaking Hawaiian Sunset (c) Jim Benson Photography, 2017

Images Around South Carolina

South Carolina Old State Hospital
South Carolina Old State Hospital (c) Jim Benson Photography, 2017
Mama Swan Keeping Her Eyes Open
Mama Swan on Duty at Swan Lake (Sumter, SC) (c) Jim Benson Photography, 2017
Nature Always Wins
A Building in Winnsboro, SC (c) Jim Benson Photography, 2017
Purple Heart Association
Under the Dome at the SC State House (c) Jim Benson Photography, 2017

About the Photographer:

Jim Benson is founder of ImageSCape Pictures; which was created from love. Through Jim’s love of photography,  his love of history,  and beauty in nature, he believes that photography is a way to help people appreciate each other.  Through his lens, Jim shows the everyday world can show you a surprising, unexpected and unique perspective to the things around you.

When Jim was younger, law enforcement was a calling for him.  He was proud of the work that he did in and for his community.  However, after 12 years Jim realized that he needed a break from the constant battle with the ugliness that he saw; it was up-close and personal on a constant basis.  He left active law enforcement to pursue other goals, one of which was to finish his Bachelor’s degree after 25 years of not being in school. After leaving law enforcement, Jim needed something to bring the beauty back to his everyday world. He had been dealing with the ugly for so long that was all he could see. This is where photography came to the rescue.

Photography continues to teach Jim a life lesson to appreciate the world he’s in and to enjoy all the moments and places that he photographs. With photography, he gets to visit places that he has not previously visited or haven’t visited in a long time. The best part for Jim is he gets to rediscover the beauty in the world around him. Most of his days off, Jim can be found on the backroads of South Carolina with Radar, his furry assistant and navigator.

To see more images check out Jim Benson’s website  Take a lesson from Jim when life gets tough take a moment to see the beauty in unexpected places.


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