From Whence We Come

~~~ I am the child of a mother who became pregnant at the age of 20. My father a few years older than my mother, on his own free will asked her to marry him. I never thought to ask my now deceased parents if they would have gotten married without the pregnancy.  I grew […]

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~~~ Last month my husband and I took our second journey to Washington, DC to be a part of events for the 57th Presidential Inauguration.  We were part of the millions of individuals who took over the district in 2008.   And after continually being active as part of  both campaigns and helping to move the […]


I Am An Obama Volunteer

~~~ In 2007 when the candidates for the Democratic Party began emerging I began my research to determine whom I would support.  Wait let me back up a little even before that time.  I volunteered during the re-election campaign of President Clinton in 1996, while still living in my hometown of Chicago, IL making phone […]

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Your Vote is Your Voice

~~~ The below content was written as a Facebook post but then I began to think that it would be good to post it as a blog. In between not feeling well there has been something gnawing at my spirit.  There is a young person (I will not note gender) who I believe is not […]

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Poetry, Pictures, & Politics

~~~ September 2nd through 6th contained numerous events surrounding the 2012 Democratic National Convention held in Charlotte, NC. The event had many goals but the primary one was the nomination of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominees. Along the journey each day from pre-convention to closing gavel held excitement […]

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Poetry: We Still Remember

~~~ Though tears are shed less frequently hearts longing is not as painful we still feel empathy for families seeking to fill the void of loss; lives changed long ago on a sunny day work halted and freedoms shattered with souls leaping from upper floors; today we still remember, lighting candles, reading names of victims […]

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